The 12 Factor PHP App – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series: Part 1: Codebase, Dependencies, Configuration and Backing Services. Part 2: Build Release Run, Processes, Port Binding and Concurrency. Part 3: Disposability, Dev/prod parity, Logs, Admin Processes. In this series we’re going to look at ways of building scalable, secure and maintainable web applications using the 12 Factor […]

PDO for Elegant PHP Database Access

Speaking very broadly, every computer application is basically a data manipulation tool. The application accepts data from the outside world, performs some transformation on it and then pushes some different data right back out. The data inserted into an application can come from a peripheral device (for example, a keyboard or mouse), another system (via […]

Dependency Management with Composer

What you’ll learn How to manage dependencies on third-party vendor libraries using Composer Loading, namespacing and autoloading dependency managed code using Composer’s built-in PSR-0 autoloader Publishing your own libraries via Packagist What is Dependency Management? Web applications rarely contain code exclusively developed by a single person or a single team. It’s more likely that an […]

Securing your web application with Symfony

Introduction As a web developer, securing your web applications is one of the most important and complex tasks you’ll regularly undertake. You may need to use some security mechanism to make sure the visitor has valid credentials (authentication) within the domain of your application. You may additionally need to check to make sure that the […]